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Lissomely Tunisia offers comprehensive beauty packages in Tunisia, with accommodation in 5-star hotels, sightseeing tours of the most important sights in Tunisia.

Lissomely Tunisia staff undertakes all responsibility for arranging all the services and the requests that you are asking for. The accommodation, sightseeing tours and entertainment of clients and the people accompanying them. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the best research and latest technology in the areas of skin care, face and body enhancements and reconstructive surgery. We believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their best to lead a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Why choose Us?

Lissomely combines your holidays with healthcare in Tunisia, at a lower cost than your country of residence. Our supportive staff includes a dedicated team of plastic surgery experts who will be with you throughout every step of the surgical process.
Our aim is to provide proper help, advice, guidance, and assistance to all of you who are interested in beauty away from your country of residence.

Realizing how difficult it is for someone to organize a trip to a foreign country and select with confidence the right services and achieve the best results, we have been working towards finding solutions that would make your stay as easy and safe as possible.
Tunisia is selected as the ideal destination because it fulfills all the prerequisites to host such an activity.
 Lissomely Tunisia is an entirely comprehensive facility that offers patients the unique advantage of having access to all the latest and most cutting-edge procedures and techniques.

The country is safe and secure from all aspects, with the added benefit of lower costs compared to similar services offered in the USA and other countries.

Why Customers Choose Us

Certified Specialists

A surgeon whose primary goals are patient safety and natural appearing results. A commitment to be the best.

Best Price Guarantee

Lissomely Tunisia offers all inclusive medical packages in Tunisia which are with 50 % cheaper than Europe or USA.

Latest Techniques

Endoscopic surgery , flap surgery , laser technology , skin grafts , tissue expansion.

100% Positive Feedback

Customer loyalty is our ultimate goal !

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