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Our certified Tunisian surgeons had performed many successful tummy tucks resulting in a flat, firm, and beautiful contour. Undesired excess fat and stretched skin around the belly is very common after a significant weight loss, aging, or after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty offers a great aesthetic solution, often leaving patients very comfortable and pleased after this procedure. If you are bothered by the less than sleek appearance of your stomach, a tummy tuck may be a good option for you. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, surgically removes redundant skin and unwanted fat from the abdominal area and may also tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The result is a sleeker profile and a tighter, flatter tummy.



Tunisian surgeon believes in a careful and thorough patient consultation to assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals, and address any questions or concerns you may have. This will help  develop an individual surgical plan.
Issues you should be prepared to discuss during a consultation with our surgeon in Tunisia include :
Medical conditions, both past and present
Current medications, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies
Previous surgeries
Weight loss history and goals

In men and women with limited issues to correct, our surgeon may suggest alternate treatment options, such as liposuction or a mini-tummy tuck or abdominoplasty without liposuction.

Full abdominoplasty– is suitable if you have a lot of excess skin. Your surgeon will make a curved cut from one hip to the other. They will remove any excess skin and fat. Your surgeon will then cut under the skin above your umbilicus (belly button), pulling it downwards and tightening it. Sometimes the will need to reconstruct your umbilicus and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Mini abdominoplasty  – is suitable if you only have a little excess skin. Your surgeon will only need to make a small cut just above the public area to remove the excess skin.

Combine a Tummy tuck with liposuction, you can maximize your body contouring results in a way that really isn’t possible with either procedure on its own. In most cases, excess fat and loose skin go hand-in-hand, so treating both of these common cosmetic concerns at the same time is often the most efficient and effective approach.

The belly button is not moved in the course of mini-abdominoplasty, and lesser work is done above the belly button level. By means of a mini-tummy tuck, unlike the full abdominoplasty, there is no scar around the belly button. As there is less tightening of the muscle, healing is generally faster and the scar is inconspicuous.


Loose, sagging abdominal skin

Excess fat in the abdominal area

A protruding abdomen

Abdominal muscles weakened by pregnancy or aging


The plastic surgeon takes out any loose, excess skin from the abdomen and, if needed, detached abdominal muscles is fixed. Tummy tuck without liposuction delivers great outcomes, reinstating firmer muscle tone and flatter midsection for those who have excess or dangling skin but a limited amount of fat. Individuals concerned about their constant stomach flab or the pooched appearance after pregnancy should seek a tummy tuck without liposuction.



It is important to follow our surgeon instructions when preparing for tummy tuck surgery to ensure the best possible results. Those instructions may include:

Refraining from smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
Avoiding certain medications



During surgery, medications will be administered to ensure comfort. General anesthesia is used to allow you to sleep during the procedure.  He will carefully monitor your physical status throughout the operation and during your recovery.

Abdominoplasty procedures generally use a horizontal incision above the pubic area. When possible, the incision will be kept within average swimsuit lines. The incision length will depend upon the amount of loose skin to be removed. Skin is separated from the abdominal wall all the way up to the ribs. Abdominal skin is drawn down and excess is removed.Our surgeon uses advanced techniques to foster faster recovery . Directly after surgery, you’ll be taken to a recovery area. To prevent the accumulation of fluids, small drainage tubes will have been placed beneath the skin. Dressings may be applied to your abdomen and covered with tape or an elastic bandage.


To promote blood circulation, you will be encouraged to get up and move around soon after surgery. Bending and lifting, however, should be avoided at this stage. Sleeping on your back with your knees up may also be recommended for the first few weeks after surgery.

Though everyone heals at a different pace, your recovery will roughly follow this general time line:

Within the first 7 – 10 days

Swelling and bruising will reach their peak
Drainage tubes will be removed
Stitches may be removed

After several weeks:

Non-strenuous work will resume
Bruising and swelling will continue to subside
Your results will begin to emerge

After a few months:

Your final results will begin to appear
Activity and exercise will gradually increase
Tightness will disappear
Sensation may slowly improve
Your incision line may begin to fade

After surgery, the patient has a flatter, trimmer abdomen. Scars are permanent, but will fade with time.


Soon after surgery, you may begin to notice an improvement to your abdominal shape. As you heal and your swelling subsides, your firmer, sleeker contour will begin to emerge. Many tummy tuck patients report a boost in their confidence and a heightened body image after surgery. Generally, you can expect long-lasting results from your abdominoplasty procedure. If you maintain a fairly steady weight, you can expect to keep your new contour for many years.

  • All transfers – Airport, Hotel, Clinic.
  • 4 nights at a 5* Hotel on a full board basis
  • Pre-operative tests
  • The anaesthetics
  • The surgeons
  • Compression garment
  • Personal assistant
  • Medication 
  • New sim card 
  • The stay at the clinic
  • Care by a nurse at the hotel throughout your stay

Extra personal expenses
Travel insurance
Flight ticket

Abdominoplasty – general anesthesia

Duration –  2.5 hours

Hospital stay –  2/3 nights

Hotel stay – 4 nights

Back to work – 7 to 14 days

Abdominoplasty – 1790£

Mini tummy tuck – 1500£


Because pregnancy and weight fluctuations can mar your tummy tuck results after surgery, many women postpone their procedures until they plan to have no more children and their weight is stable. Abdominal scars from previous surgeries can limit your abdominoplasty result. Though in some cases, such as with many Cesarean section scars, the new incisions can be made below the existing scar which can then be removed at the time of your tummy tuck for an enhanced look.