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Brazilian Butt Lifting is an operation to increase the volume of your buttocks by injecting your fat. This represents a lot of benefits, firstly liposuction by removing fat at a specific location to reinject it to another place whose volume you want to increase. This technique also makes it possible to redraw the contours of your butt in order to make it prettier. The gluteus lipofilling has 3 objectives:

Increased buttock volume.
Change the shape of the buttocks to make them more attractive
Retain buttock.



It is important to follow our surgeon instructions when preparing for brazilian butt lifting surgery to ensure the best possible results. Those instructions may include:

Refraining from smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
Avoiding certain medications



Brazilian Butt Lifting may require a short, one- to two-night hospital stay.

During surgery, medications will be administered to ensure comfort. General anesthesia is used to allow you to sleep during the procedure.  He will carefully monitor your physical status throughout the operation and during your recovery.The result is frequently satisfactory. You see it after 3 to 4 months when the postoperative swelling has disappeared, and the poorly vascularized fat cells have subsided. On average, between 60 and 70% of fat survives after buttock lipofilling, and remains stable. Generally 80% of the fat injected holds in favorable cases.


Those who are healthy with a body mass index close to normal (weight of the normal limit for their size.) Thin patients must have enough fat so that after the fat treatment , Enough remains to create a meaningful result.
  • All transfers – Airport, Hotel, Clinic.
  • 4 nights at a 5* Hotel on a full board basis
  • Pre-operative tests
  • The anaesthetics
  • The surgeons
  • Compression garment
  • Personal assistant
  • Medication 
  • New sim card 
  • The stay at the clinic
  • Care by a nurse at the hotel throughout your stay

Extra personal expenses
Travel insurance
Flight ticket

Brazilian butt lifting – general anesthesia

Duration –  3 hours

Hospital stay –  2 nights

Hotel stay – 4 nights

Back to work – 7 to 14 days