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The Mediterranean clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic with a hospital capacity of 120 beds, 15 operating blocks, 85 connected machines , 300 nurses . designed to be a complete health structure in terms of specialties, service and technology.

The clinic offers a multitude of services in different surgical, obstetric, medical, intensive care.

The Mediterranean clinic welcomes everyone without discrimination. Respect for the patient, warmth and listening are an integral part of the medical procedure. Our caregivers put themselves at the service of the patient every day in an atmosphere conducive to mutual recognition and esteem.

The excellence of patient care is achieved thanks to the professionalism and team spirit shown by all of our caregivers. It is imperative that our staff is responsible in all circumstances and in each of their functions. We have developed a collaborative spirit which promotes the sharing of experience and makes it possible to constitute, for each problem to be treated, an appropriate reactive and efficient team.

It is a multidisciplinary clinic located at the Center Urbain Nord Tunis near the Pasteur Medical Center made up of thirty private medical practices.

The Clinic admits its patients in a personalized way to direct them to the care units and / or exploration centers concerned as quickly as possible and under the best conditions.

The patient record is computerized and secure to guarantee medical professional secrecy and patients’ personal data.

The Clinic’s hospital rooms can be individual, Comfort, Suite or VIP.

The Clinic has an obstetrics and gynecology service.

The Cardiac Catheterization and Intensive Care Unit is equipped with high-tech and latest technology in the specialty.